VIP provides serve of documents in two Northern California Counties, Stanislaus and San Joaquin County  often times clients will retain VIP to serve documents when the person to be served is either evading service, can not be found we call this a hard service, or the individual may be hostile. We have a great track record on getting the person or entity served. Our team of investigators will go the extra mile to locate the person to be served and serve the documents in a timely manner. Since these are usually difficult serves, the cost may be slightly higher than standard service rates. Each case is unique and therefore, we would need to know the details and dynamics before we can give a cost estimate on the service if it is classified as a difficlt serve. Our standard rates for service on basic serves are set at reasonable rates with the amount of travel factored in. Call for a free consultation or quote.

Call: 209-380-0385

Normal rates start at $ 75.00up.

Hard serves start at $ 85.00up.