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People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Dismissed Furthermore of Justice
422 pl charges

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

 People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Charges Dismissed
286pc, 261pc, 207pc, 236pc

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

Thompson Not Guilty
Merced Sun Star - Modesto Bee - Fresno Bee
July 4, 2008

Merced county Sheriff's longest running cold case homicide came to spot light with the arrest of Mr. Thompson in 2005, Two Jury trails and 21 years after the murders of two young girls one 12 and 15 years of age - Thompson placed his hands over his face and wept on Thursday as a court clerk read the verdict in his second trail: Not guilty on two counts of first - degree murder. Less than and hour later, he walked out of the side exit of the Merced County jail, his home for the past two years, and in to the embrace of his wife.

Attorney Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Modesto Bee - KCRA

Plea deal in farm worker death
The Stockton Record - The Modesto Beee - KCRA channel 3 - AP news March 09, 2011

Two California farm superisors charged in the 2008 heat-related death of a pregnant teen farmworker reached a plea deal Wednesday and were sentenced to community service and probation, angering adocates who had called for prison. San Joaquin County case
Attorney, Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Tracy Press, the Stockton Record


Real estate fraud case Case dismissed in court on march 30, 2011 Case: the grand jury of the county of san Joaquin, state of California, Indictment of our client and two other defendants, on 51 counts and enhancements for tax code violations, grand theft, securites violations, elder abuse, the list goes on. Plus the taking of some 5,000,000 million dollars. Our team when to work and as you can see the results (ALL CHARGES DISMISSED)

Private investigator Louis P. Galindez


Does your organization have a problem?

We Specialize in High Risk and High Profile Cases

The modern workplace of today is rife, not only with safety issues from threats, violence, terror and now acts of terrorism, substance abuse, sexual harassment, fraud: such as workers compensation claims, discrimination, stalking of key employees,  all of which can radiate to all levels of your organization, and which can affect your bottom line.

Valley investigative Professionals can help with your company's internal issues. We understand that time is money and lost time and lawsuits cost you money and down time from productivity. When criminal behavior, such as threats, violence and policy violations are observed, it is your duty to not only understand the nature and scope of the problem, but effectively conduct an unbiased investigation with an eye for implementing a solution. This is the most important step you can take to ensure the safety of your work force and your company.

Valley Investigative Professionals, Specializes in Executive Protection, Threat Assessments, Special field Investigations, & Surveillance in and out of the workplace. From the planning and preparation, to case management and shut down, each investigation will carefully be designed to meet your company's objectives.

Companies are also now cracking down on employee and management sick day abuse, and even finding some employee's working at other jobs and companies, while on their payroll. In this struggling economy, companies can no longer afford to lose productivity from their workforce.

Workplace, Threats, Risk Assessments, Executive Protection and other Employment Related Issues

Damage Control

Executive protection incident to any of the items listed:

  • Executive Protection, Threats & Aggressive Behavior
  • Threat Assessments, recommendations and solutions
  • Employee Terminations
  • Get to the bottom of concerns within your organization
  • Special Investigations & Surveillance of problem employees
  • Identify and gather valuable evidence
  • Corperate / Business Partner & Employee concerns
  • Sexual Harassment complaints
  • Harassment/Discrimination complaints
  • Employee Theft/Fraud and Recovery
  • Drugs in the workplace
  • Security Evaluations
  • Pre-employment Screening & Backgrounds Investigations
  • Workers compensation fraud issues
  • Other Confidential Matters

Statistics gathered by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce indicate that employee theft is a billion-dollar criminal industry. For years the chamber had warned us that one-third of all businesses fail because of employee theft. In 1995, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported that fraud and abuse were costing employers an average of $9.00 a day per employee, or roughly $400 billion a year. In it's 2002 report to the nation, the ACFE reported that 6% of the nation's businesses revenues were lost as a result of occupational fraud and abuse. When applied to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, the amount equates to losses of approximately $600 billion, or about $4,500.00 per employee, per year. The report goes on to claim that small businesses are the most vulnerable and that the average small business has $127,500.00 in losses.

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