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People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Dismissed Furthermore of Justice
422 pl charges

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

 People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Charges Dismissed
286pc, 261pc, 207pc, 236pc

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

Thompson Not Guilty
Merced Sun Star - Modesto Bee - Fresno Bee
July 4, 2008

Merced county Sheriff's longest running cold case homicide came to spot light with the arrest of Mr. Thompson in 2005, Two Jury trails and 21 years after the murders of two young girls one 12 and 15 years of age - Thompson placed his hands over his face and wept on Thursday as a court clerk read the verdict in his second trail: Not guilty on two counts of first - degree murder. Less than and hour later, he walked out of the side exit of the Merced County jail, his home for the past two years, and in to the embrace of his wife.

Attorney Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Modesto Bee - KCRA

Plea deal in farm worker death
The Stockton Record - The Modesto Beee - KCRA channel 3 - AP news March 09, 2011

Two California farm superisors charged in the 2008 heat-related death of a pregnant teen farmworker reached a plea deal Wednesday and were sentenced to community service and probation, angering adocates who had called for prison. San Joaquin County case
Attorney, Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Tracy Press, the Stockton Record


Real estate fraud case Case dismissed in court on march 30, 2011 Case: the grand jury of the county of san Joaquin, state of California, Indictment of our client and two other defendants, on 51 counts and enhancements for tax code violations, grand theft, securites violations, elder abuse, the list goes on. Plus the taking of some 5,000,000 million dollars. Our team when to work and as you can see the results (ALL CHARGES DISMISSED)

Private investigator Louis P. Galindez



Family-law Investigations & Mate-Watch Infidelity


Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Are they being secretive?  You need a Private Investigator.

With years of experience and knowledge our elite team of professional private investigators we will get you the answers you need. When you approach us for services, we understand that it is often an extremely sensitive matter so we treat every case with the highest professionalism and ultimate discretion. We can help you get the proof and peace of mind you need to move forward with your life while maintaining your dignity. You don’t have to be in pain any longer.

We specialise in affordable, confidential and discreet investigation services in the Central, Northern Valley & Now in the East Bay area region. 

  • Pre-Marital Backgrounds
  • Cheating/Infidelity/Relationships - Limited time fee offers for January and February 2016 only! (See Mate-watch below)
  • Divorce/Spousal & Child Support
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Guardianship Cases
  • Conservatorships
  • Cohabitation/Alimony Reduction
  • Child Neglect & Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Personal Family Matters
  • Match-Watch Surveillance & High Profile cases

(Finding the Money- Remember, people and assets disappear all the time, if you wait you lose!)

Family Law Litigation is frequently very contentious. All too often the litigation becomes a take, no prisoners battle because of the emotional involvement of the parties even, when the parties involved have the best interest of their children in mind. This is especially true if one of the underlying causes of the break-up of the relationship is, infidelity.

Using our services can be one of the best decisions a petitioner or respond can make to help his or her family law court . As Private Investigators, we use all the of latest technology and work in the background in concert, with your legal counsel. Knowledge is power that can provide you with enormous leverage and advantage in ensuing your court case. Evidence of misconduct can be obtained via surveillance in a divorce and/or child custody, spousal support cases. Surveillance is oftened done by personal surveillance and sometimes by other modern technology to find evidence of activities such as: Child Neglect, Endangerment, and driving a vehicle with the children while the spouse is unlicensed and other under the influence. Plus Infidelity, Cohabitation, Stalking, and even the spouse who is hiding assets, bank accounts and more!

 Child Custody–Spouse Support

The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys' in their recommendation of the sole person chosen for child custody. Also, we provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior of persons directly
involved with your children. Our surveillance techniques and extensive investigations of criminal records and background information are used in an effort to prevent possible or further Child Abuse, Cohabitation
with the child present, Child Neglect, and parents with drug/alcohol abuse.

Yes, I am fighting a custody battle for my children!

Domestic–Divorce Investigations

Providing proof of a third-party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce settlement. The evidence we provide can prove “Inclination and Opportunity” and is documented through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes a strong “bargaining power” in negotiations for a divorce settlement.

Yes, I need to prove adultery!

Background and Pre-Marital Investigations

You have got burned once in a bad relationship and perhaps you want to make sure it doesn't happen again. Infidelity Investigation can reveal valuable information for personal involvements or verification of credentials. Such as Marriage & Divorces, Number of Children, Date of Birth, Ownership of Residences, Phone Number Searches, Driving Records, Criminal Records, Judgments & Liens, Bankruptcy.

Yes, I am in a relationship and need to know more before I commit any further!

Finding Hidden Assets

VIP has a top-notch background investigative team that can uncover many other types of information. This can help people and corporations uncover hidden assets of others. Contact us directly to find out more about Bank & Asset Searches, Stocks & Bond Searches, Real Estate and more.

Yes, I need to find hidden assets of a person!

Mate-Watch Infidelity



This is one of the most common and reliable methods of revealing your suspicions of infidelity. The results can be dramatic and irrefutable, as it is almost impossible to explain away photos or video tape. Also did you know that the "Holidays" before and after, are prime time for cheaters. There so called loved ones feel like third wheels and put more demands upon them. The cheater purchases gifts, makes excuses to leave the house, and tend to say they have to work later etc.

Suggestions for Dealing With a Stalker

  • Gather as much evidence as possible to document the behavior of the stalker
  • Examples of such evidence include: phone records, copies of letters, pictures of injuries, statements from witnesses corroborating the behavior
  • Familiarize yourself with the anti-stalking statutes in your state
  • Notify local law enforcement and provide them with any evidence you have gathered to help support your claim
  • Consider contacting a state agency that provides support to stalking victims
  • Develop a plan to keep yourself safe by informing your family members, friends, co-worker, and neighbors
  • Have a safe place to go in case of emergency
  • Consider changing your phone number to be unlisted to prevent future phone calls
  • Program important emergency contact numbers into your cell phone or carry them with you
  • Consider obtaining a personal protection device such as pepper spray, mace or a taser. Check state law first and ALWAYS obtain training.
  • To file a Restraining Order you need to contact an attorney
  • If all else fails, call VIP (209) 380-0385 - we can also refer you to and attorney who can handle your case.