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People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Dismissed Furthermore of Justice
422 pl charges

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

 People vs Cruz
Attempted Murder

Charges Dismissed
286pc, 261pc, 207pc, 236pc

Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez

Thompson Not Guilty
Merced Sun Star - Modesto Bee - Fresno Bee
July 4, 2008

Merced county Sheriff's longest running cold case homicide came to spot light with the arrest of Mr. Thompson in 2005, Two Jury trails and 21 years after the murders of two young girls one 12 and 15 years of age - Thompson placed his hands over his face and wept on Thursday as a court clerk read the verdict in his second trail: Not guilty on two counts of first - degree murder. Less than and hour later, he walked out of the side exit of the Merced County jail, his home for the past two years, and in to the embrace of his wife.

Attorney Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Modesto Bee - KCRA

Plea deal in farm worker death
The Stockton Record - The Modesto Beee - KCRA channel 3 - AP news March 09, 2011

Two California farm superisors charged in the 2008 heat-related death of a pregnant teen farmworker reached a plea deal Wednesday and were sentenced to community service and probation, angering adocates who had called for prison. San Joaquin County case
Attorney, Randy E. Thomas
Private investigator, Louis P. Galindez
Tracy Press, the Stockton Record


Real estate fraud case Case dismissed in court on march 30, 2011 Case: the grand jury of the county of san Joaquin, state of California, Indictment of our client and two other defendants, on 51 counts and enhancements for tax code violations, grand theft, securites violations, elder abuse, the list goes on. Plus the taking of some 5,000,000 million dollars. Our team when to work and as you can see the results (ALL CHARGES DISMISSED)

Private investigator Louis P. Galindez


Executive Protection, Threats & Employee terminations

Executive Protection, Threats & Aggressive Behavior

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  • Employee Termination
  • Harassment/Discrimination Cases
  • Theft/Fraud
  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Threat Assessments
  • Drugs in the work place
  • Undercover Operations
  • Other Confidential Matters

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We are experts in the field of Criminal Defense & White Collar Crime Offenses & Cold Cases.


Cold case Homicides/Unresolved Death Cases

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  • All Major Assault & Battery offenses
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  • Sex Crimes
  • Property crimes
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The truth matters! Find out who your mate is before you marry them!

Child & Spousal Support Cases

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  • Unfaithfulness
  • Marital Disloyalty
  • Preliminary Prospective Partner Checks
  • Out of town surveillance
  • Decoy Investigations

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Is your spouse hiding Assets? We handle cases any where in the United States!

We are a leader in Asset Location and Skip Tracing.

We locate the debtor, source of income, and place of employment. We locate the assets weather individual, businesses or corporations anywhere in the U.S. and some locates off-shore. We locate bank accounts, Brokerage accounts nationwide, real property recorded nationwide.

Before you invest money in to a business or a partnership, call us, we will conduct that background check for you.

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Missing Persons

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  • Human trafficking
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  • Dead beat dads

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